Greenhouse Academy Television Netflix 2017 Music Supervisor/Song Writer
Nissan Skyline (Ad) TV/Web Nissan 2017 Composer
Mentos “Smile” (Ad) TV/Web Mentos 2017 Composer
IKEA , Japan (Ad) TV/Web IKEA 2017 Composer
High Fashion (Promo) Web Claire Campbell Couture 2016 Composer
Peloton Cycle (Ad) Television Hungry Man Inc. 2016 Composer/Producer
Free Credit Report (Ad) Web/TV Collier Simon 2016 Composer
BFTV Color Crew Web/TV Baby First TV 2016 Composer/Performer
The Spy (Ad) Film Trailer 20th Century Fox 2015 Composer
Judge Mathis Television AND Syndicated Prods. 2015 Composer
Teen Titans Television The WB 2015 Licensor
Rice Krispies Treats (Ad) Television The Elements / Kellog’s 2015 Composer
TurboTax (Ad) Web/TV Collier Simon 2015 Composer
Extra Entertainment Magazine Television Warner Bros. 2015 Licensor/ Contributing Composer
Selfie Television ABC 2014 Licensor/Contributing Artist
Dirty Beautiful Film Doggie Dreams 2014 Composer
55,000 Dresses Film AsherStone 2014 Composer
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Ad) Film Trailer Paramount 2014 Composer
Battle of The Year (Ad) Film Trailer Contrafilm 2014 Composer
Captain America (Ad) Film Trailer Marvel 2014 Composer
The Stafford Project (Ad) Web Series Dorian 2014 Composer
Toyota Racing (Ad) Web Toyota 2014 Composer
Einstein Brothers (Ad) TV/Radio Integer Group 2013 Composer / Voice-over
Spider-Man (Ad) Film Trailer Columbia Pictures 2012 Composer
Suburgatory Television ABC 2011 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Little Angels Television Renegade 2011 Composer
Gigantic Television Nickelodeon 2010 Song Writer
Arrhythmia Film Brooks Brothas 2010 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Burn Notice Television USA 2010 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Knight Rider Television NBC 2009 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Acceptance Television Lifetime 2009 Licensor / Contributing Artist
CSI Miami Television CBS 2009 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Inviolate Rose Film Cheeky Monkey 2009 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Going To California Film Break the Road 2009 Licensor / Contributing Artist
The Mr. Men Television PBS 2008 Composer
The Hills Television MTV 2008 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Fun With War Crimes Web Series Doggie Dreams 2008 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Nissan Murano (Ad) Television Zimmerman Adv. 2007 Composer / Licensor
Cross Bronx Film Code Black Ent. 2007 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Day Zero Film First Look Studios 2007 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Ghost Whisperer Television CBS 2007 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Holly Hobbie & Friends Video Sony Wonder 2007 Composer
Poseidon Film Virtual Studios 2006 Licensor / Contributing Artist
The Devil Wears Prada Film 20th Century Fox 2006 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Love Monkey Television CBS 2006 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Nip/Tuck Television F/X 2005 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Jake In Progress Television ABC 2005 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Clifford’s Puppy Days Television PBS 2004 Composer
Sex and the City Television HBO 2004 Licensor / Contributing Artist
The O.C. Television Fox 2004 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Without a Trace Television CBS 2003 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Jake 2.0 Television UPN 2003 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Miss Match Television Imagine Ent. 2003 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Shade Film Dimension Films 2003 Licensor / Contributing Artist
Fashion Television Television CTV, Canada 2002 Licensor / Contributing Artist
As Told By Ginger Television Klasky/Csupo 2000 Contributing Composer
Independent Lens Television PBS 2000 Composer


The Bright Wild (EP) Groove Gravy 2015 Producer
Gingger Shankar (EP) Self Released 2014 Producer
Sidewalk Cabbies Self Released 2014 Producer
Holmes “Complication Simplified” Groove Gravy 2012 Artist/Producer
Holmes “Covers” Groove Gravy 2011 Artist/Producer
Music to Moving Pictures Groove Gravy 2010 Artist/Producer
Tommy Bahama, Sunset Paradise Universal Music 2010 Contributing Artist
Holmes “Holmes” Groove Gravy 2009 Artist/Producer
Holmes “Basement Tapes” Groove Gravy 2008 Artist/Producer
Holmes “Stop Go” Groove Gravy 2007 Artist/Producer
Cuba Remixed Groove Gravy 2007 Composer/Producer
Saint-Germain des Prés Café 7 Wagram 2006 Contributing Artist
Shihan “The Poet” Groove Gravy 2005 Producer/Song-writer
Latin Travels Vol. 2 Six Degrees 2005 Contributing Artist
Café De La Noche Sunswept 2005 Contributing Artist
All Good Funk Alliance Sunswept 2005 Remixer
Queer Eye For the Straight Guy Capital 2005 Contributing Artist
Brazil Remixed 2 Groove Gravy 2005 Composer/Producer
Essential Latin Flavas Outcaste, UK 2005 Contributing Artist
Bliss Sharper Image/Sugo 2005 Contributing Artist
Jazz Kitchen 2 S2S, Japan 2005 Composer/Producer
Electro Jazz Divas Wagram 2004 Contributing Artist
Nu Jazz Sessions 2 Groove Gravy 2004 Composer/Producer
Masterworks Reworked Groove Gravy 2004 Composer/Producer
Café Monte Carlo Inca/EMI France 2004 Contributing Artist
Café Samba Sunswept 2004 Contributing Artist
JazzDelicious S2S, Japan 2004 Contributing Artist
Azucar, El Primero MCD, Brazil 2004 Contributing Artist
Nu Jazz Sessions Groove Gravy 2003 Composer/Producer
Jazz Remixer Banana Republic 2003 Contributing Artist
Tantra Lounge Water Music/Universal 2003 Contributing Artist
Brazil Remixed Groove Gravy 2003 Producer/Composer
Lounge Jazz Water Music/Universal 2003 Contributing Artist
Jazzelicious Presents Kriztal/Koch 2003 Composer/Producer
Private Lounge 4 Inca/EMI France 2003 Contributing Artist
Café Mam SP Vol. 3 MCD, Brazil 2003 Contributing Artist
Elemental Chill Vol. 4 Kriztal/Koch 2003 Contributing Artist
Tabaco y Ron: “Pa Bailar” Dimelo 2002 Remixer
Chill Pill Groove Gravy 2002 Composer/Producer
Black Martini Water Music/Universal 2002 Contributing Artist
The Tao of Groove: “Fresh Goods” Groove Gravy 2002 Artist/Producer
Ragga Force Presents: “Traficantes” Water Music/Universal 2001 Composer/Producer
Global DJ Groove Gravy 2001 Composer/Producer
Club 5 a.m. BMG 2000 Producer/Remixer
El Condor Pasa Sello Gold 2000 Composer/Producer
Kick Ass Brass Yamaha Artist Series 1999 Producer
Masterpieces For Flute Yamaha Artist Series 1999 Producer
Memories of New Orleans Yamaha Artist Series 1999 Producer
Kick Ass Brass Yamaha Artist Series 1999 Producer
Rebirth of the Cool Funk Delta 1999 Producer
The Art of Jazz Saxophone LaserLight 1998 Producer